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General Overview

Introduction to kernel

The Buffer Cache

Shell Programming

Unix Shell Commands

List of assignments

Follwing are the list of assignments that students need to perform in the lab. I highly recommend having hands on experience on unix/linux and performing these asssignments individually and honestly.

Having good understanding of basic things in the begining is always helpful in getting success later.

List of Assignments

  1. Learn about the installation of Unix/Linux
  2. Study about the General Purpose utilities like
    • Banner
    • cal
    • date
    • calender
    • tty
    • bc
    • spell
    • fspell
  3. Implement WE Command in C
  4. Implement Grep command in C
  5. Implement More command in C
  6. Implement Link & Unlink in C
  7. Implement LS command in C
  8. Study about the Unix system variables
  9. Write the program to find biggest among 3 numbers using shell
  10. Write a shell program to find factorial
  11. Write a shell program to check the given string is Palindrome (or) not
  12. Write a shell program to check whether the user is logged (or) not
  13. Write a shell program to wish the user those who login to the system
  14. Write your own profile
  15. Write a shell program to find the biggest among numbers using positional parameters
  16. Write a shell program to sort the strings using arrays